How Do You Make A Website For Free? Let Me Explain!

Blogging has changed the way of getting a website online. Forget about having to learn programming code. Today you can have a blog up and running in minutes. There is no need to worry about technical issues or fear of doing something wrong. If you can type you can get a website online. e poe tegemine

The way I will teach you today is creating a blog. You can create free blogs using and They are two of the more common places people use for free blogs. WordPress and Blogger will host and provide all the tools needed to get your blog created and running.

All you have to do is create a free account and then create a post about anything you want to write about. Blogging is another way to share thoughts, ideas and information. Much like many authors do here at EzineArticles. If you can write and publish an article at EzineArticles you will have no problem creating a blog.

This is how the free blogging formats work. You are asked to create an account name which becomes part of your WordPress name. WordPress places your account name in front of the URL address. It only takes a minute to create an account and then you are taken directly into your blog.

Here you simply just click on create a post, then enter your title and write your blog entry. Blogging was originally thought of as journal entries but today it is in fact the most common way to create a website. People today use blog and website as an interchangeable expression for a web page.

Your other option for making a website is to purchase a domain name. Doing so give you all the rights to what you can put on your website. This requires something called hosting or web hosting which is an additional cost. A domain name can run from $4-$15 per year depending on the registrar you use. Web hosting can run from $4 to $30 or more per month. I would save this option for a later date until you are more familiar with blogging.

If you are creating a website for business purposes then you definitely want to seriously consider using the paid domain and web hosting. This gives you full control on ownership and allows you to customize your site to fit all your needs. In today’s business world everyone should have a website. Setting up a blog is very quick and easy.


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