A Look At The Rumors Surrounding The Features Of The Samsung Galaxy S3

It seems that every day there are new rumours surfacing regarding the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Although not yet officially announced, the handset is already surrounded by masses on hype, with numerous websites claiming to be in possession of leaked photos and spec sheets.

Samsung’s upcoming headliner will be tasked with filling the shoes of the highly popular Galaxy S2, which was one of the most popular smartphones of 2011. Below I will round up some of the recent rumours about the Galaxy S3.


Many suspected that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would sport a quad core processor. Logic would dictate that this is the case, as the new HTC One X and LG Optimus 4X HD boast this feature and both were recently released. Also, Samsung will have the iPhone 5 to compete with, so you would expect them not to take any chances of being outdone by Apple in the processor department upon its suspected summer release. It has recently been confirmed by a Samsung executive that the phone will indeed feature a quad-core processor, so users will benefit from outstanding performance levels from both the hardware and software alike. Interestingly, the processor is rumoured to be manufactured by Exynos rather than Qualcomm, who produced the processors in the Galaxy S and Galaxy S2.

Screen samsung galaxy s21 5g

Although questionable in their authenticity, there are several leaked photos of the Galaxy S3, claiming various sources both in and out of Samsung. However, many of these share common feature; an edge to edge screen. This means that the screen extends to the very edge on each side of the phone. This would suggest that the screen is likely to have larger dimensions than that of the Samsung Galaxy S2, and more than likely this will mean that a much higher resolution display will also be included. The smartphone world is still awaiting the arrival of the first full HD screen, so maybe the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the first.

Operating System

Although features like the screen and processor are questionable at this stage until officially announced, one this is for sure; the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be running the latest version of Android, called Ice Cream Sandwich. This was showcased on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with its impressive features such as face unlock and Google Beam. Updates are rolling out to compatible handsets in coming weeks, while many of the new Android phones released at Barcelona’s MWC event earlier this month also included the new software. Samsung’s biggest rival, Apple, are more than likely to release a new version of iOS alongside the iPhone 5 as has been the case with previous releases of the popular iPhone series.

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